“I always believe music is a universal language. Music has no barriers. If somebody tells me that music is against the religion and all of that, but I believe music is something that to bring a peace to you.

It’s a message of love. So just spread it, spread it. “

Told by Intesar Salim 53 years old Pakistani, born and raised in Dubai. 

Since 1985 He ran a record shop with biggest range of Christmas carols, more than 400 titles and over 5,000 different titles which he might need to close the shop down after all.

This film is shot with iPhone. The Interview recorded directly to second iPhone device. It’s work of Kiyany Media who want to give voice to those who go unheard and bridge cultural understanding in form of video by telling non fictional cinematic inspiring stories from the region.

Find Music included in film to purchase from iTunes:

Don Williams - You're my friend

Jim Reeves - Welcome to my world

Jim Reeves - Four Walls

Jim Reeves - Jingel Bells

Jim Reeves - He’ll have to go

Or Listen to Intesar's Favorite Playlist on Youtube for Free


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