Dialogue: Weber Schandwick
Direction and Animation: ideaMachinestudio

Teaming up with ideaMachinestudio, seeking to inspire and cultivate innovators Verizon wanted to introduce the Verizon Innovation center. It’s a good thing they did, because this project also won a 2013 Telly Award.

“Hope all is well. Our team learned that the Verizon Whiteboard Animation won a Telly recently – unreal! We are all so happy on this end, thanks again for such amazing work in bringing their innovation center to life.”


Script Copy

Wireless innovation starts with a great idea. Like a robot that lets doctors monitor patients from across the country. A connected car that provides an unprecedented experience in your vehicle and on the road. Or an intelligent vending machine that can actually communicate.

But how do you transform your great ideas, into reality?

The Verizon Innovation Program helps you turn your wireless innovation into a winning business. We support our program participants every step of the way. From start-ups to industry leaders, healthcare to entertainment and beyond.

We start by helping innovators tap the power of wireless technologies. And our state-of-the-art labs in Boston and San Francisco are specialized experts to work side-by-side to integrate 4G LTE connectivity in your device or application.

Our labs bring you the latest development networks and controls – advanced tools and RF shielding. All in an exceptional workspace. But wireless connectivity is just the beginning. Our experts provide market-wise advice to help fine-tune your product and your business plan. You benefit from our extensive technology and business resources and we connect you to our many partners – who are ready to add their technology, knowledge and value. We’re already helping a wide range of program participants bring exciting new wireless devices and applications to the marketplace.

How about yours? If you’re ready to innovate, Verizon is ready to help you.

The Verizon Innovations Program. We empower innovators.


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