An outlaw on the run is captured by a feral man with an eremitic moral code.

Filmed entirely with natural light and lots of love.

Haydn Winston
Mark Isaiah Phillips
Matthew Blood-Smyth
Brian Landis Folkins
Marty Lindsey
Shawn Rickel

Kevin Hu - Director/Producer
Waylon Kane - Creative Producer
Alfredo Orozco - DOP
Haydn Winston, Mark Isaiah Phillips - Writers
Jonathan David Barlow - Composer
Jon Hillman - Sound Mastering
Derek Zen, Alex Erhardt - Location Sound
Christopher Roe - Camera Operator
Jacob Fillmore, Andrew Yang, AJ Curtin - Assistant Cameras
Kevin Hu, Rosalyn Wong, Bret Sundberg - Production Dept
James Milligan - SFX
Kay DaSilva - HMUA
Fidel Nagy, Joey Lopez - Swing Grips
Kevin Hu, Adam Rosenberg - Editors
Paul Galati - Colorist


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