"If Seoul Were A Person ..."

On behalf of the City of Seoul, the produces of #HappySeoul gathered a varying group of expats from different walks of life living in Seoul and pursuing their passions here, to find out why they chose to make this city their home.


CLIENT: Seoul Tourism Organization


Jessica Adel
Song Alseng
Cael Anton
Nikelola Balogun
Sergey Churkin
Pablo Fuentes Gomez
Natalie Grant
Fazal Ijaz
Iliana Maifeld-Carucci
Heather Moore
Michael Lindberg
Elizabeth Recharte


Director: Raoul Dyssell
Producer: Sua Kwak & Allan Choi
DoP: Daniel Smukalla
Editor: Raoul Dyssell
Colorist: Daniel Smukalla
AD: Eunji Kim
AC: Michael Lindberg
Makeup: Tessa Jeon
Lighting Director: Dae-il Jin
Sound Recordist: Yeongmoon Kim
Sound Mixer: Seokdo Yoon


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