#HappySeoul is an unofficial, non-commercial music video to the Pharrell Williams smash hit song "Happy", from the film "Despicable Me 2", made by Roll The Dice Pictures as a tribute to Pharrell Williams' '24 Hours of Happy': http://www.24hoursofhappy.com

Directed by: Raoul Dyssell
Produced by: Raoul Dyssell + Allan Choi
D.O.P: Daniel Smukalla
Choreographer: Ma-Abena
Co-Producers: Woonjong Jeon, Joohee Shim + Esther Jie
1st AD: Bokyoung Choi, Esther Jie
2nd AD: Mikhail Motala
Graphic Design: Nick Neon
BTS: Johan Ahn


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