Flexpaper Reflow is a truly amazing piece of software that the client has developed. It allows for PDF's to be turned into truly responsive formats and is a great tool to free-up pdf content so it can be used anywhere. Gone are the days of pinching and zooming. ---This happens to be a rather new concept that people are not used to. So the challenge that the client had identified is that we need to let people know of this new way by getting them engaged and excited.
We proposed to the client the idea of creating this piece in stop-motion, to give us the authentic "crafted" feel that this is not just another piece of app intro video. The metaphorical elements echo the principles that this software is made with, how the contents in a PDF works and flows when resized---watch it a few times to get the metaphors.

We took care of this project from start to end. ( All the props in the re-sizing bit were really made in various sizes. No digital witchery applied to re-sizing! )


stopmotion stylised