Dokdo Tank is the smart all-in-one aquarium using technology to provide an experience of simplicity.
The Dokdo Tank includes all the necessary equipment and features needed to setup, maintain, and enjoy an aquarium in your home without all the inconveniences traditional aquariums.
The Dokdo Tank was designed to be a "smart" aquarium. What do we mean by "smart?"
Smart means we use technology to take the hassle out of managing your aquarium. Using an internet connection you're able to monitor your tank, set schedules, and manage your aquarium's environment from the Dokdo Tank mobile application.
Smart also means that you don't have to change the water in the aquarium like you do in traditional aquariums. It is a contained ecosystem that can be managed and maintained with just a few adjustments to the water level and filtration.
The best part about the Dokdo Tank is that everything is included in the box. There's no need to buy parts and equipment from various vendors; Dokdo Tank has it covered.


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