"The Ascend Project" is a multi-dimensional journey, that follows the lives of several artists, working in Film, Writing, Music, Dance, Photography, Visual arts, Culinary, and Business. They are all connected by Diego, a talented black filmmaker from Atlanta GA, who was just dumped by his condescending girlfriend. Diego, is so close to the fame, fortune, and influence he desires, that he can touch it, but not experience it. A mysterious lady by the name of Luna, from Diego's distant past, comes back into his life to bestow knowledge that Diego uses to ASCEND in the film industry, and enlighten the world, bringing his closest friend's along for the ride. Diego deals with his internal and external demons, through collaboration with strong willed and minded women, yet true love eludes him at every turn. His best friend, Jack, works to get Diego into the dating scene, so that he can forget his Ex, and be ready for everything Hollywood has to offer.

Diego moves from Atlanta to Hollywood, and many of his friends from the beginning of the journey join him. In Hollywood, Diego faces challenges, so grave, they threaten his life, and he also finds the stakes high as a multi-million dollar multi-picture deal with a major movie studio hangs in the balance.

This film is comprised of narrative elements to help tell the story, but the majority has been filmed as documentary footage of actual events. The cast is comprised of the people who are a part of, inspire, and propel the real life story.

All footage was shot, or directed by the real-life version of Diego, Carlos J. Ramsey.


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