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This video was created for Fuzzy Brush, a unique 'all in one' chewable toothbrush and breath freshener designed by dentists.

How are we different to most other Whiteboard Animation Video production companies?

Since 2012 we've specialised in premium quality Whiteboard and Explainer videos without the premium prices.

All of our animated video packages are fully 'done for you', but we give discounts if you would like to provide your own script and/or voiceover track.

We use our marketing know-how to write a powerful script and storyboard for your animation video that engages your target customers, drives them to your website, and converts casual viewers into buying customers.

Our highly-skilled cartoonists create quality custom cartoon images based on your storyboard. We never use clip art or templates, so you can be assured that your Whiteboard Animation Explainer videos won't look like anyone else's (especially your competitors).

We'll source a professional voiceover artist with a native accent of your choice for your animation video. If none of our regular voiceover artists from around the world are right for you, we'll find one who is.

If you need your Explainer video in a non-English language, no problem! We can translate the English script into your preferred language and find a great voiceover artist whose native language matches your preference.

You'll be allocated your own Project Manager, who will be your sole contact for all questions and queries. You won't get confused talking to multiple people - your Project Manager will liaise with our creative team on your behalf and ensure that the production of your Whiteboard Animation or Explainer Video runs smoothly.

Finally, we work on an Unlimited Corrections basis. Once you've agreed the script and storyboard, we will deliver an animation video that matches. We'll liaise with you at each step of the creative process and if you don't feel that we've met your vision, we'll keep working on it until you're happy. Beware of most other Explainer video companies who will limit the number of corrections that can be made - even if they've completely messed up the first cut of your animation video!

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