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Virect: A video marketplace

Virect is a marketplace that connects businesses with the best video creators in a few simple steps. Whether a launch video for a startup, event promotion or advertisement for a big brand, Virect is the easiest way for businesses to research, find and get video content that matches their needs, budget and timeline. We empower visual communication.


When Chee-Hyung needed a company video, he had one tool: Google. He searched countless websites, reviewed samples and filled out endless contact forms. Out of frustration for this lengthy process, the idea for Virect was born - a marketplace that connects businesses with all the top video creators. One place to research, find and hire the best creators for video content.

The Company

Launched in 2011 in South Korea, Virect is a strong team of technical, creative and managerial talent with experience working at some of the largest tech giants and ad agencies. With offices in the Silicon Valley and Seoul, Virect is bringing its expertise in video, business and marketing to the U.S.

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Chee-Hyung Yoon
CEO / Co-Founder
Naejin Hyeon
Creative Director / Co-Founder

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