About Motion Breed Productions

We are 2D&3D Motion Graphics video production specialist company, creating the video productions for a variety of commercial uses with advertising and promotional video production as a focal point.

Contact Info: 82 2 10 8775 7301(010-8775-7301), bjleefilm@naver.com

광고 및 홍보 영상을 중심으로 다양한 상업적 용도의 영상물을 제작하는 2D&3D 모션그래픽 영상제작 전문 프로덕션입니다.

연락처: 010-8775-7301, bjleefilm@naver.com


  • A Corporate Promotional Video of TongRoimages
  • 청소년 나눔 교육용 모션그래픽 영상 EP02
  • 3D Motion Graphics Video Productions
  • 2D Motion Graphics Video Productions
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