How much should I spend on my video?

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How much? This is often the first question people ask about getting new video content. We all know video is important – higher engagement, more conversions and more clicks being just some of the examples… But really, what should your video cost? The simplest answer: it depends. A lot goes into making your video, and its overall cost depends on a number of factors, which we’ll highlight below. In general, the more you’re able to spend and the more prepared you are, the higher quality your video will be.

What goes into your video cost

Time. How long production will take from start to finish is one of the biggest factors in its cost. Do you already have your script, storyboard and are ready to film? Or will you need to spend extensive time consulting with your video producer to lock in the details? How many shots will you need to get to complete your video?

Expect to pay more for more time-consuming projects. Time spent on your video includes all the pre-production work, the actual filming and then post production editing until you reach your final product. In general, the longer the video, the more it will cost.

Resources. What kind of equipment is necessary for your video? Will you be using live action film that demands high-powered equipment to capture tricky angles or get the highest possible definition?

If your video is an animation, how involved are the graphics? More details and higher quality will factor into the cost.

Talent. Will you need paid actors and other supporting roles (like hair and makeup) for your video? Including professional support your video project will help ensure a polished final product, but will add to the overall cost.

Location. Do you need to pay for your chosen film location? Where you choose to film can affect the cost of your production, whether you have to pay to reserve space, or if it’s a difficult location to shoot, or if multiple locations are needed (think: added time).

Pricing: what to expect

Now that we know what goes into the video cost, what can you expect at different budget ranges? We’ve analyzed thousands of videos produced by our creatives to help give you a feel for the style and quality of videos at different pricing. guide you to choose the right budget that matches your needs. With Virect, you can choose your own budget – a guarantee that makes sure you don’t get any surprises along the way.


Basic video production with minimal equipment and time spent in the pre-production, filming and editing process. Best for smaller video projects, single setup interviews, tutorials and standardized formats (e.g. real estate videos), and short animated videos (under 1 minute).

Example: Animated Intro Video for a Pideo, a video app (video length – :43)

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Standard video production with a professional finish but minimal time in creative and editing. Best for shorter animated projects, basic intro, explainer and crowdfunding videos (less than 2 mins).

Example: Interview Video – Lyft interview for the San Francisco Center Economic Development (video length – 1:13)

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Add a polished finish, creative touch and professional quality in this price range. Best for launch videos, crowdfunding, explainer and intro videos and longer (2+ mins) animated projects.

Example: Demo Video with special effects, graphics and live action for Creavorite, a network for creatives (video length – :45)

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Take it to the next level, add special effects and a higher overall quality production in this budget range. Best for company profiles, sharing a story, creative, high-impact intro, explainer and crowdfunding videos.

Example: Awareness/Feature Video highlighting the role a mother plays in children’s lives (video length – 3:20)

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$25,000 +

The sky is the limit. Let us know what you have in mind, and we can get you a video production that will help you turn heads and make an impact. Best for commercials, creative projects, concept videos and more.

Example: Doritos commercial – a 2014 Semi Finalist for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest (video length – :30)

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Start filming

The above pricing is just a guideline to help you set your budget for your project. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. We look forward to helping you throughout your video project and helping you get a great video!

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