Getting Your Best Explainer Video: Tips and Examples

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Sometimes it’s not enough to just tell someone about a product. You need to show them. Help them experience it. That’s what an explainer video is all about: short videos that help explain a company’s product or service (think 90 seconds or less).

Explainer videos are increasingly popular. Some companies even say that having an explainer video on their website increases conversions by as much as 144%! That’s no small number. So, given the importance of video, we’ve put together a view tips to help you create an awesome explainer video.

Know your Type: Live Action, Animated or White Board

What style of video do you want? Check out the examples and descriptions below, or ask a Virect representative for some help getting started.

Live Action - Live action videos use real people in real-life scenarios and is best for engaging viewers with physical products/services. Seeing actual people helps a viewer relate, and can better appeal to emotion and create a connection. If you want to show a flying unicorn painting rainbows across the sky, however, live action may not be the best for your budget… ;)

Factors to consider with live action film: actors, location, how many shots needed, lighting, etc…

This live action video by one of Virect’s creators for Estimote helps show the product in real life, while using some graphics to help explain the product and give context:

 Animated - Animated videos are a popular choice and can be a less expensive option than live action filming. Keep in mind the style of animation, the quality that you want to represent your company/product and to best capture the audience. Factors to consider: style of the artist, quality, animation detail, voiceover, etc…

Check out this animation created for Kono, a smart scheduling app:

White Board - A white board video will likely be the cheapest option, This consists of an artist drawing the characters and story, and may include a voiceover to help tell the story. This style may be harder for the viewer to really connect, but can be a great way to demonstrate how a product works in a simple, to-the-point way.

Tips for Success

Now that you know what type of explainer video you want, let’s start with key points to creating a successful explainer video.

Set your tone

Keep in mind what tone you want to set with your video. Is it funny? Touching? Informative? People want some “value-add” for the videos that they watch – they want to be entertained, informed, or educated. Think about how your video can do that.

Write your Script

The script can be the most daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be! Be confident knowing that you know your product/service better than anyone else – and you will have a great video partner who can help fine-tune your script before going to production. Some tips for getting started:

  • Introduce your company / product / service
  • Identify the pain point of your customer – what problem do they have that you intend to fix?
  • Solve the problem with your product / service.
  • Offer a strong call-to-action. What do you want your customers to do?
  • Solidify the importance of your product with testimonials, best-use cases, etc.
  • Do all of this in 90 seconds or less (ideally, and be prepared to capture people’s attention within the first 20 seconds!

Hire your video partner

Our creative community is ready to help you make an awesome explainer video and will be there to help you every step of the way, in choosing your voiceover, the music, even help selecting actors and locations. With Virect, you’re guaranteed to get a quality video.

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Distribute your video

Your video is ready to share with the world! Post your video on your website to improve your site’s search ranking and get more conversions (See also: Compelling video stats & trends). Share your video on social media, video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. So many options!

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