5 mistakes video marketers make

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Learning from others’ mistakes can be a valuable resource. We’ve put together a list of the top five mistakes that video marketers make so you can avoid them and create your most successful video campaign.

1. Not Prepared

A quality video that gets to the point, speaks to the audience and fits into your company marketing plan doesn’t happen on accident. It takes preparation and planning to make sure the video is part of an overall marketing strategy, follows a clear objective, speaks to your desired audience and triggers the results you want. Check out some key questions you should be asking about your video here.

Preparation begins at the high level when determining the messaging and goes all the way to the day of filming. Having a storyboard, clearly discussed shots that you want your videographer to capture, knowing where you want to share and post your video are just some of the other ways that you can be prepared for your most successful video. [Get Free Storyboard Template]

2. Too Much

Trying to fit too much into a video distracts from the actual message. Know your objectives and stick to it. Everything in the video should point towards that purpose. Your video shouldn’t be the kitchen sink of everyone’s ideas and cool concepts (as neat as they may be). Focus on what counts.

Making a video too long is a big mistake a lot of marketers make. People have short attention spans. Chances are they won’t make it to the first minute of your video, let alone the 5th. This makes it all the more important to capture a viewer’s attention in the first 10 seconds. Even if they drop off, your video can still make an impact, establish brand recognition and help your viewers understand the gist of your message. But best yet, grab your viewers’  attention right away so they can’t help but keep watching…

3. Wait…Audience?

We’ve all met those people who talk about themselves and never actually engage in meaningful interactive conversation. The same is true with advertising. Too often marketers use video to tell their viewers about the company, about the product and forget about the audience they’re trying to reach. What is the customer’s pain point? What will make them the “hero” of the video? Making sure your video speaks to (and with) the intended audience is a key part of its success.

4. No “Call to Action”

Forgetting a call to action is a mistake marketers all too often make. Whether or not it’s an overt CTA, the viewers should be left with a clear feeling on what to do – i.e. try the product, click for more info, contribute to your campaign, join the cause, etc… What do you want your viewers to do/feel after watching your video? Make sure they’re left with that notion and are more likely to take action.

5. Failing to Promote

Not having a plan for video distribution is a problem. Before launching the video project, there should be a clear understanding of where the video will be posted, and when possible, a clear idea and budget for its promotion, whether that be on YouTube, Vimeo, social media channels or TV. A video can be one of the most powerful advertising tool, but if you create a really incredible video but fail to reach your audience because of poor distribution, it’s a missed opportunity.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Groucho Mark

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